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iNoty iOS 9 style


The beauty of ịOS 9 is very famous and unique. This is iNoty íOS Style of ìPhone 6sThis is a status bar replacement which provides translucent status bar and additional notificaiton counts. is making a name for it. High quality, beautiful but simple. Phone 6s notification not only good and fast. You won’t regret using this iNotyFeatures:- Statusbar with style of ịPhone6s - Calendar events today and tomorrow.- Swipe down to open notification - Blur wallpaper background.- Day month year mode like ỉoS9- 12h or 24h format time- Show datetime, signal strength wifi, signal strength wifi, carrier’s name,…How to Use??:1. Open app2. Choose Turn On/Off Notify iOS3. Touch to "switch on" at "iNOty iOS9" title to change statusbar.4. Swipe down to show notification
This app always free,thank you for using this iNoty iOS9!